Dog Boarding

We offer a safe, leash free environment with meals, enrichment activities and regular video updates!

Dog Daycare

We offer exercise, socialization and mental games to Improve your pup’s quality of life


Burn their pent up energy and work those old muscles at our pool with trained handlers!


Our salon offers bathing, hair trimming, de-shedding, tick treatments and more.

The Best your dog can get

Your professional dog parenting partner offering standardised, transparent services for your dog’s all round development

Off-leash, open-play supervised environment

24/7 supervision by experienced professionals who understand canine body language and behavior patterns

Mandatory checks

Temperament evaluation, verifying vaccination records and body checks for ticks, fleas and infections to ensure safety of all guest dogs

Dog swimming pool

Full sized and well-maintained pool with trained handlers in the heart of the city

Activity tracker

Monitor your pup’s activity and health on your smartphone with our Customisable and easy all in one subscription plans


Stimulating enrichment like agility training, puzzles and interactive toys as part of their daily routine to overcome boredom, separation anxiety, and destructive behaviors

Cleanliness Regime

Daily sanitization of the premises with daily brushing and cleaning of the dogs to safeguard them from ectoparasites, bacteria and germs

We had kept our indie pup at DogNation for 5 days when we had to travel to our hometown. They have taken very good care of him and ensured he was active, ate his meals and was clean and tidy. Thank you for keeping him safe and comfortable! 🙂

Dog: YodaDebleena Banerjee

DogNation is one of the best places for pooches in Bangalore. My dog, Mylo had a great time over there. Their services are excellent, especially swimming sessions. The agility and resistance training sessions really helped my dog be more receptive to calls, and the swimming sessions took out his excess energy. Since the visit, he has been calmer and happier.

Dog: MyloKumar Abhinav

The team here at Dognation genuinely loves and cares for your dog. Took our puppy for a swimming session and were met with a lot of warmth and pampering for our dog. Swimming session was totally worth it with the trainers taking special care of all the dogs. It’s a delight to see all the dogs playing about in the small lawn and pool.

Dog: ArgoNeil D'Souza

Dog nation is undoubtedly one of the best dog boarding services in Bangalore. We left our 5 month old cocker spaniel for 5 days there and they took excellent care of her. Not only they look after meals and medication, but they also provide ample play time and dedicated puzzles and stimulation activities
We also loved the fact that they used to share video updates twice daily so we could be at ease knowing that our little pooch is doing well under their care

Ranajit Banerjee

We’ve been on the lookout for a good day boarding / night stays for awhile. DogNation ticked all our checklists- they meticulously check each dog for ticks & flees when you check-in; my dog was constantly engaged with and played with the other dogs, and regular updates were shared. It made us very comfortable to leave our Ella with them, knowing she’ll be looked after really well. Highly highly recommend them

Nidha A

OUR GALLERYDogNation Pack Pics

OUR GALLERYDogNation Pack Pics
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