By choosing to avail our services:

  • The customer warrants and certifies that He/She is the owner or person responsible for the dog(s) brought to any DogNation center for availing the services offered.
  • They agree that they are ultimately responsible for determining whether boarding or daycare and pool activities are appropriate for the dog(s). They further agree that they are responsible for any risk posed by undisclosed medical conditions or behavior concerns.
  • They acknowledge that should they give permission for the dog(s) to participate in group play activities, they recognize the possible risks involved in this activity, including but not limited to minor nicks and scratches and accept full responsibility for any illness or injury that might happen to the dog(s), and accept full financial responsibility for any charges that may occur.


Unless explicitly requested not to do so, customer understands that their dog will engage in a customized exercise program while in the care of DogNation. They further understand the workout program created for their dog(s) and corresponding outcome are dependent upon a number of factors including but not limited to the condition and age of the dog.


Customer understands they are responsible for, and agree to provide DogNation staff with the latest complete information about their dog(s), including underlying medical conditions, medications, physical limitations, behavior concerns, veterinarian doctor’s name and contact information, and veterinarian recommendations and limitations for the dog(s) brought to DogNation.


Customer also accepts full responsibility for any damage or injury to persons, property or animals arising out of the dog's participation in daycare, use of the grounds, facility, or pool, and the actions and conduct of the customers and the dog(s). Accordingly they agree to indemnify DogNation and its owners, employees, and independent contractors, for monetary damages and attorney fees; and further waive all personal claims and releases against DogNation, its owners, employees, and independent contractors for damage, injury or death sustained by the customers, arising out of their dog’s participation in the activities and services provided by DogNation or Anubis Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd., or presence on or use of the premises where services are performed; and further waive subrogation claims of insurers.


Customers understand that by allowing the dog(s) to participate in any boarding/daycare, Event or Activity program offered through DogNation, they give permission for staff to take photographs, and/or videos, and to use the images or videos of the dog in printed matter, internet sites, or other promotional or advertising capacities. Photographs and videos are the property of DogNation and Anubis Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. As a client of DogNation, customer understands that their dog(s) and any person they bring onto the property enter / swim / participate at their own risk.


  • The Centre allows check in/out of boarding and day-care dogs between 9 am to 9 pm. Patrons are requested to strictly adhere to these timings as it disrupts our daily routine otherwise.
  • All payments are collected in full at the time of check in. A service will only commence after the full payment is cleared at the reception. In case of extensions and add on services during their stay at DogNation, the payment for such services also needs to be collected when the extension or service is requested. Patrons are requested to co-operate for a smoother check out.
  • Patrons leaving their fur-babies for boarding stays beyond a period of 10 consecutive days need to provide their PAN/AADHAR card at the time of check in along with their permanent address
  • Computation for boarding happens on the completion of 24 hours, post which we offer a grace period of 1 hour. Please note, day-care charges are applicable post that.
  • We offer discounts in the form of instant discount and complimentary services as per our pre-defined internal discount slabs. Kindly note DogNation reserves the rights to change any discount without prior intimation as per our internal marketing and promotion plans and they do not remain fixed. The patrons are welcome to request for an estimate before availing any service.
  • Charges are based on current weight of the dog as per service.
  • For Female dogs, patrons are requested to clearly mention the dates of their last heat cycle. We do not take in females on heat as we maintain a leash free open environment. In case your fur baby comes on heat during their stay here we isolate them. Parents in that case are requested to send all supplies to keep their baby comfortable like sanitary napkins, napkin holders etc.
  • Dog Patrons will only be provided with meals which are on our menu. If the parent wishes to provide any special diet or raw ingredients like paneer, mutton, lamb etc they can do so.
  • We do not allow beef in our premises due to religious sentiments. In case your pupper is on a beef diet, it will have to be replaced with some other form of protein.
  • It is common for dogs to get minor cuts, bruises etc while playing since we maintain a leash free open environment encouraging free play for all our guest dogs. Parents are requested to take it in their stride and encourage open play.
  • In case of any serious injury, the parent is informed and first aid is done. The parent can get in touch with their own vet, or get an online consultation done at the centre. All medical expenses will be borne by the parents
  • Since we are an activity and recreation centre, we do not take in geriatric dogs as they are usually not comfortable in such settings. DogNation can make an exception to this rule as per case-to-case basis.
  • Patrons are always requested to share an emergency contact of a person capable of coming down to the centre physically in case the parent is unavailable or out of town, since we do not have a paramedic on premise and our team is not equipped to handle any medical emergency.
  • In the event of death arising due to undertaking any activities at DogNation please be advised that DogNation is not responsible for such events as the parent is the most competent to decide which activities their dog is suited for considering all underlying medical conditions. As stated above we don't have any paramedic or vet on premise and neither are the handlers CPR trained.
  • Videos are shared between 9 am to 9 pm as per our daily schedule. We typically send across 3-4 videos in a day.
  • All Day-care includes 1 meal as per the size bracket of the dog. Half day cares do not include meals.
  • Boarding includes 2 meals as per the size bracket of the dog and is chargeable over and above. The fur babies also get a snack available on the menu, if requested. For puppies the number of meals can be increased depending on the quantity of the food needed to be given.
  • We administer your furry family's medication if required as per the details given at the time of check in.
  • Please note, dogs with any behavioural issues like humping tendency, resource aggression, food aggression etc will require to be isolated as per DogNation staff discretion after intimating the parent. This is done to avoid any untoward situation leading to injury or accident. Patrons are requested to kindly cooperate.
  • In case a dog is found to have ticks and fleas at the time of check in, the dog will be required to get a tick flea bath at the expense of the parent before any other service is given. In case the parent refuses the bath, we will not be able to offer the service. Kindly note, this is done in order to ensure our premises are not infected and to maintain hygiene of all guest dogs.
  • All our guest dogs undergo a tick flea and hygiene check as part of their daily routine in addition to being checked at the time of check in/out. This is done in order to ensure dogs are not infected with ticks or fleas in our premises.
  • Guest dogs are also given basic grooming like a wipe down and a brushing session every day after their outdoor activities
  • Kindly note, Kennel Cough is a mandatory vaccine for boarders and need to be given at least 5-6 days prior to boarding date. Since it is a highly communicable disease that can be picked up just about anywhere, parents are requested to make an informed decision.
  • All dog patrons should be up to date with their basic yearly vaccines of DHPPIL and ARV to avail services with the exception of the grooming and spa service. Such dogs will not be allowed to mingle with other dogs for their own benefit and interest.
  • Parents are requested not to reach out on call/WhatsApp to any of team members after working hours to check on their dogs. All updates need to be collected within operational hours (9 am to 9 Pm). We do not offer a 24-hour chat support. In case of an emergency, the DogNation team will reach out to the registered number or the emergency contact provided.
  • We do not encourage or provide services which might be detrimental to the health of a dog like shaving of the coat, dyeing of the coat unless it is for a medical reason.
  • Dogs with extreme infestation of ectoparasites (Ticks & Fleas) and opting for a tick treatment will be charged an additional labour cost of Rupees 500/- plus taxes owing to the tedious and time-consuming nature of the service
  • Dogs with extreme tangles and matting might require to get their hair trimmed off with an uneven look after consent from the parent.
  • We do not sedate guest dogs during grooming.
  • In case a dog is uncooperative and does not allow us to carry out the service the parents will be intimated accordingly. We can muzzle the dog if the parent so wishes to finish the service, however if the dog is extremely uncomfortable and stressed out, we do not recommend force and rather advise the parent to desensitize the dog such experience for a better groom and vet visit.
  • All socialisation, day-care and boarding services require a prior orientation session to assess the temperament of the guest dog. We do not take in aggressive or potentially aggressive dog since we do not have the set up for it and maintain a leash free open environment.
  • Our guest dogs are made to participate in a lot of physical and mental stimulating activities as part of their daily routine to make them into confident and socially well-adjusted dogs.
  • Advance bookings need to be reconfirmed a week prior.
  • DogNation reserves the right to refuse service to any patron depending on the temperament of the dog.
  • We request parents not to send a lot of personal items when sending for boarding as the centre carries all necessary supplies. However, we understand that your fur baby might have some favourite items, hence we request no more than 3 items per dog excluding the leash, collar, food and medication.
  • In case of add on services requested on the day of check out like grooming swimming etc, parents are requested to come in at the mentioned time of check out to avoid waiting. In case of check outs before designated time, parents are requested to make an enquiry beforehand and wait for confirmation before coming in.
  • Please note, dogs with long stays and add on services like swimming will get their services scheduled only on the weekdays to avoid a rushed service experience on the weekends.
  • Patrons who have dogs who are not comfortable around other dogs and are looking for swimming sessions are requested to come in on weekdays in order to avoid any untoward situation. DogNation requests to clearly mention the temperament of your fur baby so we help you with a solo slot basis availability.
  • DogNation will not be able to service patron's dog who are not comfortable around strangers and do not allow to handle, as our handlers will require to physically lift and assist them in the pool
  • Please note, dogs with long stays and add on services like swimming will get their services scheduled only on the weekdays to avoid a rushed service experience on the weekends.
  • Parents do not require to carry any towels or treats for the swimming sessions. In case a dog patron is very driven or particular about a toy or a treat, parents can carry that along.
  • Parents are requested not to feed the dogs at least 2 hours prior the swim session.


  • DogNation offers only basic obedience training along with basic behaviour modification. We do not offer any form of aggression training and behaviour correction.
  • Our training programs are fixed packages of 8 and 16 sessions which mandatorily need to be finished within 1 and 2 months respectively. Classes are generally held in a frequency of 2 classes per week. In case of any untoward situation or emergency, patrons are requested to get their session rescheduled within the same week. Extensions will not be provided beyond the program expiration dates. This is advised in order to avoid long gaps between consecutive training sessions leading to undesired or diminished output. Completely unavoidable situations will be dealt with from case-to-case basis.
  • We do not offer any services at home and all our sessions are conducted at the centre with prior appointments. The parents mandatorily need to be present for each session where we enable the parents and give them the tools and the knowledge to train their own dogs.
  • We conduct a meet and greet session before confirming any training package to assess the dog and understand the patron's requirement and scope of the training program. We always strive to ensure that we clearly understand our client's expectations to avoid any mismatch during the course of the program. The patrons are encouraged to explain their requirement and understand the scope of these programs properly before signing up.
  • Please note, different dogs have different speed of learning and may sometimes not be able to master all commands within the package duration. DogNation is not liable to give any extra sessions to cover for the backlog and requests patrons to regularly practice at home and send video updates for us to correct and rectify any deviation from the taught methodologies and to utilise the training programme to the fullest. To this end, DogNation provides WhatsApp based prescheduled support to ensure the parent is practising the methods correctly as taught here.
  • However, they can opt for additional paid sessions if they feel the need for it.
  • Please note, we only use positive reinforcements for all our training sessions and foster and encourage bond building exercise between the dog and the pet parent.
  • All payments need to be made in full and upfront to sign up for the training sessions.
  • Our sessions are typically 45 mins to an hour long and are designed with enough breaks in between to ensure continued interest of the dog. Parents are encouraged to ask questions and clear their doubts during the break given to the dog.


  • All patrons who are looking to become regulars at DogNation can opt for our subscription plans.
  • Subscriptions can be taken up in any multiple of a month like monthly, bimonthly, quarterly etc. Discounts and benefits are given depending upon the bill amount and the duration of the package.
  • Subscriptions are customisable as per the requirement of the patron however requires to have a minimum of 2 services per week for the regularity to be maintained. E.g., a subscription of 2 months cannot be designed with just 4 sessions in total including all of the opted services.
  • Patrons are encouraged to take advantage of the array of services offered at DogNation catering to all your furry friend's needs like day-care, boarding, swimming, grooming etc. They can create a well-rounded and wholesome package to enjoy higher discounts and benefits.
  • Patrons are requested to finish all the opted services within the selected duration. DogNation offers the provision of pausing the membership for a total of 30 days for subscriptions which are 3 months and above. Monthly subscription will have a provision of extension for a week. However no further extensions will be provided after the pause days are exhausted. To ensure continued service, DogNation is operational all 7 days a week and priority is always given to our subscribers. However, patrons are requested to confirm their appointments in advance to ensure bookings are blocked.
  • Kindly note, the services opted in the package cannot be converted to any other service. For e.g., a boarding cannot be converted to a swimming or a bath and vice versa. Patrons are requested to understand their requirement thoroughly before opting for the same.
  • Any extra service that the patron might request for during the period of subscription will be charged in full. The discounts offered on the subscription package are only applicable for the agreed number of services at the time of sign up and doesn't extend to any service over and above that package.
  • Kindly note, the discount slabs keep changing from time to time as per our marketing and promotion plans and do not remain fixed. The discount offered at the time of sign up of a particular plan is only applicable for the said period and for the chosen services.
  • In case a patron is unable to finish all the opted services for unavoidable reasons within the subscription duration, DogNation offers the provision to carry forward a maximum of 2 sessions of each service in their renewal program.
  • Subscription packages are non-transferable to other friends and family since we require a lot of pre checks and temperament assessments to ensure DogNation is the right fit for your fur baby.
  • All subscription payments need to be made upfront and in full amount to sign up for the membership.


I, hereby authorize and give consent to Anubis Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. to send me, either through itself or through any third party service provider, from time to time various information / alerts / SMS / other messages or calls or commercial communication, and other services on the aforesaid listed telephone numbers, whether these numbers are registered with Nation Do Not Call Registry/ listed in Nation Customer Preference Register or not. I also confirm that by sending any of such messages / calls, I will not hold ASBL its third party service provider liable / institute complaint under the Teelecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference (TRAI) Regulations, 2010 or such other applicable regulations including any amendment thereof, as may be applicable from time to time. It will be auto renewed every month and if you want to stop this service please write an email to research@adityatrading.com before the due date and call our support number 07676173344 also once the amount is debited from account it will not be refunded.