Strain free exercise
Dogs are taught fun tricks like underwater retrieval of their favourite toys!

Special Attention

We have life-jackets to facilitate first-time swimmer’s smooth sailing in the pool.

Hydrotherapy Packages

We offer packages for dogs with hip dysplasia, arthritis and post surgery recovery.

Weight Management

Subscriptions of our fitness activity tracker to monitor calories and activity.

A tired dog is a good dog!

Full sized pool with supervision by experienced handlers for comfort and safety
Regular cleaning to maintain highest standards of hygiene
Rinse off with clean water followed by a blow dry and a brush down
Attractive packages for various needs like weight management, hydrotherapy, recreation


  • Cleansing and Rinsing
    A thorough rinsing of the skin and coat with fresh water before putting them in the pool.
  • Pool Games
    Supervised play with lots of toys and loving ‘PawPals’ to guide them during group or solo sessions based on their comfort level
  • Drying
    We towel dry them followed by a blow dry session with our non heat industrial blowers to ensure the coat is not damaged by excessive heat.
Swimming, Training & Activity Rate Card
*Extra sessions if required can be availed as add-on charged @ ₹ 1499 per session
Puppy Foundation Programme
₹ 4999
*This package duration includes 4 sessions / 2 weeks completed at a frequency of 2/3 sessions per week
Obedience Training - Basic
₹ 10999
*This package duration includes 8 sessions / 1 month completed at a frequency of 2 sessions per week
Obedience Training - Intermediate
₹ 17599
*This package duration includes 15 sessions / 2 months completed at a frequency of 2/3 sessions per week
Swimming & Activities
Swimming pool games is a 2 hour session with roughly 1-1.5 hour in the pool for your pooch with 5-10 mins breaks depending on your fur baby's physical tolerance. This will be followed by rinsing with fresh water and blow drying.
Swimming Session
₹ 1099
₹ 549
Size Chart
Small1 to 10 kgsLarge26 to 50 kgs
Medium11 to 25 kgsX-Large51 kgs and above

Services Add-Ons

Discover a wide variety of DogNation services to choose from, including daycare, boarding, grooming & spa, Swimming.


A complete grooming session including bathing, conditioning and more!


Our customised meals caters to your fury friend’s specific caloric requirements


Leave your dog for a day full of fun, learning and exercise

DogNation Pack Pics